Update on regulatory framework for BIPV

This reports provides an inventory and analysis of regulatory frameworks impacting BIPV systems, both at national and European levels, in order to provide the most significant information for BIPV project developers. The country-level analysis especially focuses the following markets: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. For these, an overview of support schemes, costs and fees, as well as building codes impacting BIPV installations is provided in a comprehensive way. Finally, a brief discussion on potential improvements to be prioritized by policy-makers concludes the document

Collection of building typologies and identification of possibilities with optimal market share

This report collects different archetypal BIPV showcases (e.g. selection of archetypes) representative of the European building stock. Based on an extensive review of architectural and urban BIPV references, the report  establishes a census of some best practices of BIPV implementation into real architectural projects. The goal of this analysis is to analyze the main potentials of the building stock to “host” BIPV and the evolving/success opportunities for market attractiveness in the horizon 2020 to 2030. The document identifies the main market possibilities and potentials, in terms of building typologies and building skin application for BIPV, in order to also provide valuable technical inputs for the development of successful BIPV technologies for the next decades.

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