BIPV market uptake has been hindered in the past years by the difficulties of the industry in providing holistic solutions complying with key demands from the market, such as aesthetics, flexibility of design and cost-effectiveness. In this sense, a joint industrial effort is crucial to conceive and develop highly-efficient and multifunctional energy producing construction materials that enable boosting market opportunities at a world-wide level for the European photovoltaic and construction industry value chains.


BIPVBOOST will address these challenges by implementing short-and medium-term cost reduction roadmaps along the BIPV value chain, at 4 levels:

BIPVBOOST aims to develop highly efficient and multifunctional energy producing construction materials in order to provide market opportunities at a world-wide level for the European photovoltaic and construction industry. Furthermore, the project strives to achieve significant cost reduction while maintaining flexibility of design, high performance, long-term reliability and design aesthetics.



BIPVBOOST is developing technical solutions to foster building-integrated photovoltaic (PV) applications in buildings. The buildings sector is one of the major energy consumers. Hence, there is great potential to improve the situation by integrating renewable energy systems such as PV into buildings. However, so far the industry lacks holistic solutions that suffice customer requirements in meeting the energy target set by the EU. The different innovations are shown in the table below: 


BIPVBOOST puts emphasis on standardisation and regulatory compliance to allow for fast market uptake. To achieve this, the project is designing a flexible and automated manufacturing line for building integrated photovoltaic system. Furthermore, BIPVBOOST provides energy management tools that optimally address the operational needs of the buildings energy system. This digital approach provides the means for advanced standardisation activities and thus significant cost reduction of building’s PV systems