BIPV market uptake has been hindered in the past years by the difficulties of the industry in providing holistic solutions complying with key demands from the market, such as aesthetics, flexibility of design and cost-effectiveness. In this sense, a joint industrial effort is crucial to conceive and develop highly-efficient and multifunctional energy producing construction materials that enable boosting market opportunities at a world-wide level for the European photovoltaic and construction industry value chains.
BIPVBOOST will address these challenges by implementing short-and medium-term cost reduction roadmaps along the BIPV value chain by means of:
  • Flexible and automated BIPV manufacturing process
  • Large portfolio of multifunctional BIPV products
  • Digitalized process and energy management system along the value chain
  • Advanced standardization activities supporting the qualification of BIPV systems for a massive implementation in the building skin
At least 17 demonstrated innovative solutions will result from the successful implementation of the BIPVBOOST project. Together with the large involvement from industrial partners in the consortium, a sound basis will be to pursuit a 50% reduction of additional cost of BIPV modules in 2020 and 75% reduction in 2030, and thus a substantial increase of market deployment of BIPV technology.