Flexible and automatic BIPV module manufacturing and quality control line

This line will allow compatibility with a broad range of cells (6” mono and polycrystalline silicon cells, and bifacial cells, of 3 busbars (BB), 4BB and 5BB), providing flexibility in the string length and cell distances. It will include automatic string lay-up equipment for string placing, allowing XL formats (3 x 2 m) and accurate and free string positioning onto the module. Semi-manual string interconnection and automatic in-line electroluminescence quality control will be possible and compatible with customized and large module formats.


Flexible manufacturing line for glass-glass stations:

The complete flexible manufacturing line for glass-glass BIPV products foreseen in BIPVBOOST project consists in 4 stations:

(1) A tabber-stringer equipment for mono and polycrystalline cell interconnection
(2) Lay-up machine
(3) Interconnection (bussing) station
(4) High-resolution electroluminescence quality

BIPVBOOST line at Onyx facilities

BIPVBOOST Flexible and Automatic BIPV Module manufacturing and quality control line contributing partners