Demo Site 1: Aretxabaleta, Spain

Building-integration of glass façade with c-Si technology and different configurations to demonstrate automated production in façade configuration (Aretxabaleta, Spain, Lat. 43°1′)


The demonstration site corresponds to the headquarters building from Mondragón Assembly (MASS) in Aretxabaleta (Spain). The main façade has been refurbished adding a ventilated façade made of customized glass-glass BIPV modules from ONYX. The module is a 4+4 mm glass-glass laminate and uses 6” crystalline solar technology. There are 24 units that have a customized cell pattern, evoking a fade effect, feasible thanks to the versatility provided by the new manufacturing line developed by MASS, currently operational at ONYX manufacturing facilities. The mounting system has been provided by TULiPPS, using the new version of their easy installation click-&-go mounting system. The total surface area of the demo is 150 m² with an installed PV power of ~21.6 kWp.


Demo Site 2: Puertollano, Spain

Balustrades based on glass-glass bifacial modules and walkable floors based on back-contact solar cells in ISFOC office building (Puertollano, Spain, Lat. 38°41′).


The demosite building corresponds to ISFOC’s Headquarter building, located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real, Spain). A bifacial semitransparent glass-glass balustrade has been installed, replacing the current solution in the South, East and West facades of the building. In total 136 m2 distributed in the South, East and West orientations and a power of 13.5 kWp has been installed. In addition, 70 m2 of the roof surface have been replaced by a glass-glass walkable floor module using back-contact cell technology, leading to 9.2 kWp. Both solutions have been manufactured by ONYX using the new manufacturing equipment developed within BIPVBOOST for both c-Si and back-contact technologies.


Demo Site 3: Mons, Belgium

Building integration of metal based roofing shingles in OPTIMAL residential single-dwelling building, passive house (Mons,Belgium, Lat.50°, 27´).


The demonstration site is a residential single-dwelling building located in Mons (Belgium). The roof, which was originally covered with traditional metal-based roofing shingles, has been renovated with a lightweight BIPV module developed by Flisom and Schweizer. The module combines FLISOM’s CIGS module technology and Schweizer’s roof mounting system. The demo surface is 140 m² and the installed PV power is ~10 kWp


Demo Site 4: Morbegno, Italy

Building integration of multifunctional BIPV opaque façade cladding systems in PIZ residential multi-family dwelling with a twin building to support performance assessment (Morbegno, Italy, Lat. 46°1´).

The demonstration site is a residential multi-family building located in Morbegno (Italy). The top part of the façade has been renovated with a multifunctional BIPV opaque façade cladding with integrated insulation, developed by PIZ, which integrates a lightweight glass-glass module from-ONYX while keeping the same mounting system and properties of the original façade product. The total surface of the BIPV installation is ~60m² and the installed PV power is ~10 kWp.





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