BIPVBOOST provided the overview of the current normative framework in BIPV field, the definition of the relevant missing gaps, and the key-aspects for grounding a new testing approach. In order to overcome some of these barriers and challenges, the project progressed with newly developed procedures for the qualification of some BIPV product requirements, with the ambition to address a more complete qualification scheme and favour the product introduction into market.

  • The main technical challenges to unlock Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV); massive potential and installation capacity are today mostly related to cost-effectiveness and product quality.
  • Integrating PV in construction products, requires an accurate performance assessment in accordance with construction norms and PV standards, depending on the type of use in building.
  • Although the EN 50583 introduced a reference framework in Europe, BIPV multifunctional products are currently stagnant in uncertain qualification processes with the lack of clear regulations and missing gaps in normative that could facilitate its diffusion and acceptance.

The project focused, and established new test performance assessment procedures, on the following:

Energy Economy

Mechanical Safety

Electrical Safety

Fire Safety

BIPVBOOST Indoor & outdoor performance-based laboratory testing procedures for BIPV products contributing partners