BIPVBOOST results are categorized in four areas



BIPVBOOST developed a flexible and automated BIPV module manufacturing line, providing significant cost reductions along the process



  • Portfolio of low-cost and aesthetically advanced glass-glass BIPV products based on c-Si, back contact and a-Si technologies for different applications
  • Multifunctional BIPV façade cladding system with integrated insulation
  • Low cost Click&Go substructure for BIPV modules
  • Enhanced, cost effective BIPV roof and facades systems for CIGS on metal

BIPVBOOST developed a unique digital ecosystem to address every step within the BIPV reference workflow, providing interoperable
applications connected to the main BIMsolar digital platform. BIM is a driver for cost reduction and risk mitigation from design to O&M, including manufacturing

BIPVBOOST provided the overview of the current normative framework in BIPV field, the definition of the relevant missing gaps, and the key-aspects for grounding a new testing approach