The BIPV façade cladding system developed under the BIPVBOOST project was named as ePIZ. The PIZ product was invented as a multifunctional façade product against atmospheric agents and acting as thermal and noise insulation with an integrated aesthetical finishing. It can be manufactured in different formats to be adapted to any facade. PIZ can be used both in new and old buildings and it has high-performance whether used in existing buildings, redevelopments or refurbishment.

The PIZ cladding product is CE certified and follows ETAG017.It has a lower specific thermal conductivity and very low water absorption capacity. It shows good resistance under wind suction test, a good resistance under impact test and a great resistance under fire test. PIZ system is a breathable cladding with open joints so it has good water vapour permeability.

It is a dry façade system and can be installed on the façade using a special aluminium mounting system. Specifically, the lower and upper horizontal edges of the cement mortar are thickened and grooved to allow the insertion of the continuous aluminium extruded rail. All the aluminium profiles are treated against atmospheric attack, the systems shall be secured to the existing sub-structure (iron frame, concrete wall, masonry wall) using screws or dowels.

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PIZ Standard H54 (with EPS insulation layer)

Two different ways have been adopted for the product’s realization:

  • The 1st was using a glass-glass PV module produced by ONYX
  • The 2rd was using a thin-film CIGS module produced by FLISOM

All  modules were coupled with a panel produced by PIZ

BIPVBOOST Multifunctional BIPV façade cladding system with integrated insulation contributing partners