The innovative Click&Go mounting system enables ultra-fast, safe and low costs installation of a wide range of frameless PV modules sizes. The mounting system is completely invisible, and a special feature is that each PV module, after installation, can be easily individually removed for inspections and maintenance. The Click&Go mounting system is suitable to be used on any substructure. The Click&Go mounting system can be used for almost any glass-glass solar panel from various leading European manufacturers to provide freedom of choice to architects, facade builders and developing building companies. Design freedom for Click&Go BIPV facades is further enhanced by the possibility to combine solar panels with traditional (passive) facade panels on the same facade, for instance with ceramics tiles, composite materials, aluminium cassettes, aluminium composite cassettes, non-active tempered glass, wood, etc.

The Click&Go BIPV system, solar panels and mounting systems combined, is a proven technology that has been tested successfully at Dutch and at European knowledge institutes. Our systems are suitable for use on high-rise buildings up to 100 meters high. Building owners can generate 145 – 150 kWh per m2 solar facade per year (in North Europe) and earn € 35 - 45 per m2 per year and obtain a better energy label for the building. 

BIPVBOOST Low cost Click&Go substructure for BIPV modules contributing partners