Cost-effective and innovative solar energy integration in stock and new buildings - how to generate revenue with your building façade and roof
Event organized on the occasion of the BAU 2023
Thursday, 20th April 2023
Holiday Inn City Centre, Hochstrasse 3, Munich, Germany.

Current building sector problem: placing solar energy generating products on building roofs does not generate enough electricity for a building to be energy self-sufficient, Solution: Additional solar integration on other building surfaces (windows, facades etc.) with BIPV products focus of this event.

Cost-effective, easy to install and attractive active façade solutions are now available from multiple suppliers, who offer a complete package of software integration for architects, to accurate cost/benefit calculations of the installation. At this event, WIP, with several partners, will present the latest BIPV innovations and products for the building industry.


SESSION I: Cost-effective and innovative solar energy integration into buildings
Chair : Laure-Emmanuelle Perret, coordinator BE_smart

09:00   Opening and Introduction 
           José María Vega de Seoane, Tecnalia

09:20   Keynote speech on solar solutions for buildings
            Karl Viridén, Viriden + Partner AG

9:45     City planners (BE smart)
            Rickard Nygren, White architects

10:15   Costs for reference cases/building applications and future developments in Europe
            Philippe Mace, Becquerel Institute

10:45   Coffee break and show cases/Solar solutions

11:15   Innovative Solar panels for cost-effective and efficient integration

  • Claudio Pirotta and Stefano Magaddino, PIZ, Italy
  • Teodosio del Caño, ONYX, Spain
  • Julian Perrenoud, Flisom, Switzerland

11:45  Commercial Solutions for the building sector – how to implement them in a big scale
            Laure-Emmanuelle Perret, coordinator BE_smart

12:00  Panel discussion
           José María Vega de Seoane,Tecnalia

12:30  Lunch Break


SESSION II: Supporting tools to help implementation of the innovative solar solutions
Chair : Francesco Frontini, SUPSI

13:30   Click & Go Installation
            Paul Stassen TULiPPS

13:45   Fast roof integration – structures
            Andreas Haller/ Helge Hartwig, Schweizer

14:00   BIM based simulation solution providing performance to solar systems integration for every building context
            Philippe Alamy, EnerBIM

14:15   Standardisation / Qualification of BIPV system
            Simon Boddaert, CSTB

14:30   Moderated Discussion by Francesco Frontini

15:00   Networking Event and exhibition of the showcases/solar solutions



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